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Australia is an island continent, the only one of its kind in the world. And second in line only to Antarctica as one of the least populated continents on earth with a population of only 24.7 million (3 people/ Km²).


Compared with a similar landmass of The United States of America whose population is 326.5million (35.69 people/ Km²) Australia certainly proves its sparsity of population and vast open camping locations!


Being so massive and mostly uninhabited, in a few short hours you can be far away from your nearest town or city and be away camping underneath a starlit sky, nestled far away from the hassle and bother of urban life!


Camping has a long and deep-seated history in Australian culture, growing up listening to tales about swagmen and early settlers camping in swags out by billabongs. These grand and elaborate tales about camping cemented in many Australians minds a strong and healthy camping culture, which to this day is strong and getting stronger!


Visit any coastal town, fishing village or camping destination during summer, and you will see seas of happy Australian campers, who religiously flock through the summer to their favourite camping locations all across the country, to go camping, hiking, boating, fishing, swimming and even relaxing in the slower pace of life, centered around smaller country towns.


Any camping experts worth their salt, know the value of taking good quality camping gear with them on their camping expeditions. Top quality camping gear is easy to identify, it has to be made from the right materials, has to be practical and functional, and has to make your camping life a lot easier!


Adventure Kings makes functional and practical camping gear for an affordable price. The budget orientation of Adventure Kings Camping gear allows you to get out and go camping with your friends and family for a lot less money than it may have previously cost you. And, while the cost of Kings gear is way down, the quality is superb!


Some of the more popular pieces of camping gear available in the Adventure Kings camping gear range are the Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag, The Adventure Kings Roof Top Tent Range, the Adventure Kings Awnings, and Adventure Kings gazebos, all revolutionising the way people get camping around Australia.


One question campers may get asked is ‘why do people go camping with their families, and friends?’ The answer is quite simple, camping helps build a small like-minded community, based on a joint effort for a common good, benefiting all who are at camp. People who are camping together, at least for the short term, have to live together. Unlike in daily life where people isolate themselves and hide away, the joint camping effort helps to promote dopamine and serotonin in the brain making people naturally feel good, this is why camping is so addictive!


Camping also brings people more in touch with the elements and nature, this has been proven to relieve stress, lower blood pressure, and makes people feel more connected to the environment within which they live.


Not only is camping good for the brain it is good for the body, because setting up camp takes effort and you are constantly engaged in camping activities like hiking, and fishing, meaning your physical fitness isn’t neglected and your overall wellbeing enhanced.


Camping can be undertaken in many different ways, and whilst there are excellent camping solutions for nearly all campers it is hard to look past the Adventure Kings range of camping gear to get the most out of your camping setup.


With the Adventure Kings range of camping accessories like LED Camping lights, comfortable camping chairs, and even a roll-up aluminium camping table. A bargain camping setup doesn’t stop at the larger items like a swag or roof top tent for camping in.


Even on a budget you can experience a top shelf camping experience with Adventure Kings camping gear with a massive range of top quality camping equipment suitable for huge remote area camping trips all the way down to the weekend warrior. All of this is found in some of the most affordable priced camping gear on the Australian camping market.


Adventure Kings gear remains a competitive option without any similar quality products available within the same price range, Australian bargain hunters found the obvious choice of gear with the lineup available. Whilst maintaining budget consciousness, the Adventure Kings range refuses to sacrifice the features or performance of more expensive brands, whilst simultaneously offering top quality equipment for far less than the price of the oppositions equipment.


Budget savvy shoppers cannot deny the incredible value for money easily afforded by shopping for the Adventure Kings line of gear, with everything from shelters to sleeping and cooking gear, Aussies find it perfect for use out in remote bushland and caravan parks across Australia.


Offering superior value and without sacrificing performance all Adventure Kings gear is backed by a minimum 12 months warranty to ensure that customers are absolutely satisfied with the performance and quality of their new gear. Designed for use in harsh climates and tough environments all Adventure Kings gear also goes through a rigorous research and development process to ensure that it meets all expectations placed upon it.


With rigorous development and a yearlong warranty period you can rest assured that Adventure Kings makes some of the best gear available for the dollar you can spend.


So next time somebody asks you if you’d like to go camping, whether you have gear or not, say ‘YES! I’d love to go camping, because that’ll give you an excuse to jump online and get yourself some of the BEST VALUE Camping gear on the market from 4WD Supacentre and Adventure Kings!


The massive range of Adventure Kings Camping gear tries to cater for everyone from fishers to 4WDers and everyone in between. The Adventure Kings Camping Gear range is huge and covers everything from your cooking gear essentials like our easy to use BBQ Plate to our famous Adventure Kings Big Daddy Swag and tailored Kings awning add-ons like the waterproof & ripstop Awning Wall and fully enclosed versatile Awning tents.


Kings camping gear is known for being unbeatable value for money and so multi-purpose, you’ll use it far more often than just when you’re camping. Our self-inflating mattresses are not only incredible high quality and comfy, but they are perfect to use as a spare bed at home when guests visit.


Our huge portable fridge/freezer range don’t just keep your tinnies and steaks cold at camp – they’ll get a workout five or six days a week on the jobsite, or 24/7 at home doubling as a bar fridge or second freezer when you’re not out bush.


With our eye for detail you never miss out on the finer features of more expensive gear like the included tough canvas carry bag for your oily BBQ Plate, both, for less than the price of a case of beer! Our massive over engineered 300KG rated Kings Throne Camp chairs will make sure you don’t get stuck with nowhere to sit in the middle of nowhere.


Our dedicated team are constantly testing all of the products we stock, to make sure they can survive the brutal punishment you can dish out, from testing the -5°C warmth rating on the Kings Premium Sleeping Bags in the Victorian alps in the dead of winter, to the UPF50+ rating and stability of the whole range of Adventure Kings Gazebo’s during a summer rain squall on Fraser Island and even making sure that our Adventure Kings Portable 12v Shower has enough pressure to help you wash off, and prevent smelling like you’ve been living alone in a shack for many years!


Our dedication means no matter if you are getting set up for a weekend away with mates or kitting your 4WD out for a month or more in the most remote parts of the Australian deserts you can rely on your Adventure Kings Gear, rain, hail or blistering sunshine, plus our prices stay low to keep the better half happy!

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Undeniably one of the best performing LED Spotlights on the market for the money, a pair of Adventure Kings Illuminator LED Spotlights is at home on any 4WD, truck or off-road vehicle.

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