No 4WD, no problems!

If you’ve ever thought to yourself ‘I wish I could get away camping for a few nights but I just can’t fit any of my gear in my car’ this is the article for you. Whether you own a 4-door sedan like a Commodore or falcon or you find yourself stuck with the better half’s small hatchback Mazda 2 we’re here to tell you that you don’t need an expensive or modified 4WD to get out and experience a camping weekend away!


While Toyota Hilux’s were the number selling car in Australia in 2017 and there’s been a huge rise in SUV’s across the Australia market, many Aussies still rely on a smaller sedan or hatchback as their only vehicle for everyday driving.

if you are one of these people we’re here to tell you that we still have your back, there’s plenty of campsites – both free and paid – that are easily accessible without a 4WD and can be found, with a VMS Touring 700HDX On & Off-Road GPS Navigator, with its clear 7” backlit touch screen you can get there no worries. With over 3000 maps pre-installed and over 1000+ free campsites you’ll never be short of excellent options.


The touchscreen navigation makes it simple to use and you’ll also have 5 years of free street map updates. While not strictly thought of as a 4WD accessory or piece of camping gear this little bit of kit will pay for itself in a few short trips by leading you to free campsites all over Oz!


Now to get your bedding sorted – Adventure Kings make an awesome range of single & double swags which are perfect for any campsite, backyard BBQ, kid’s sleepover or as a makeshift bed for the in-laws. But out of the whole range of Adventure Kings, the Big Daddy Deluxe is by far Australia’s #1 selling swag – it’s a massive 1550mm wide and has a huge 70mm thick mattress but don’t let its size fool you – it’ll fit easily in any car. With the waterproof and durable 400gsm ripstop polycotton canvas you’ll be warm and dry in any weather condition. Check this handy video with tips and tricks to fold your brand new double swag even quicker!


With your new affordable accommodation sorted out you’ll now be wanting to add a few creature comforts. Unfortunately, you probably wont have the advantage of a full 12v setup typically found in more advanced touring setups such as dual battery systems, deep cycle batteries & power management systems from the likes of CTEK.


portable 240v camping generator from Kings is a great way to take care of your power needs. The 2KVA model is a great size due to its lightweight, compact design. It features 2x 240v outlets as well as a standard 12v ciga plug meaning you’ll have enough juice for whatever you are needing to power and it’s easier than you would think to start with its simple easy pull start cord. It already doesn’t break the bank but chuck it in economy mode to make your fuel last that little bit longer and you’ll be cheering.


Every Aussie knows the importance of keeping your favorite drinks icy cold and while it would be easy to power a portable fridge and trust us, the 60L Kings Fridge/ Freezer is hard to beat for value for money but you’re going to be likely to struggle with space. That’s why we’d recommend one of the portable ice boxes from the Kings range. Available in 4 sizes from 40L right through to 100L all with superior insulation you’ll never be left worrying about having a coldie on hand just add ice for a week or more of constant cooling!


To us, these pieces of camping gear are the most essential for setting out on any trip with a smaller vehicle. Throw in a portable gazebo for your shade, some LED camp lights, a portable bbq like the Voyager Grill for the morning cook ups and you’ll have one of the most enviable camping setups imaginable without even owning a 4WD!

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03 Jun 2018

By OJ Aba