6 Tips For Deck Installation in Fort Collins CO

Although deck installation is a task best suited for professionals, you can perform it on your own if you have ample experience in DIY projects. These tips will improve the overall quality of your project and result in a reliable deck for you to enjoy.

The trend of eating out is never old when you�re in Fort Collins CO. Besides, sitting out in the open and sharing those moments with your loved ones can be quite rejuvenating. That�s exactly why deck installations are on the rise in the area. While most of the residents opt for professional help when it comes to installing a deck, many try to go with the DIY approach.

There�s nothing wrong with doing it as a DIY project, however, one must keep in mind the following tips to ensure that the final result is stable and worthy of your investment in terms of time and money. It is still highly recommended to hire professional help for deck installation in Fort Collins CO.

1. Ensure Compliance With Local Building Codes

There�s a reason for all those building codes, local or not. Throughout the project of deck installation, you need to ensure that you�re complying with all the instruction in the local building codes. The codes are in place to ensure that the deck is safe for use. A deck installed without consulting or implementing the local building codes will result in a failed inspection and shall cause problems for you when you decide to sell the house. You might even be ordered to remove the deck because of non-compliancy.

2. Fine-tune Your Screwdriver Technique

You need to be gentle with the boards. Make the adjustments to torque and speed when you�re using a screwdriver to safeguard the boards from any damage. Usually, low torque with high speed is considered the best combination.

3. How To Install Joists

You need to be extra careful when it comes to installation of joists. They need to be secured to the base properly; either by making use of a sealant or by screws. This prevents warping or sagging from taking place. It is also a good practice to go for joists that are as durable and dense as the boards that are being used for deck building. You should also ensure that they are aligned properly thus creating enough space between them to maximize the support.

4. Plan Ahead For Extra Material

You should plan out the spacing in your construction before ordering material. In case of deck installation with hidden joints, you will need 5-10% extra material and if you�re opting for deck installation with 45-degree angle cut you will need 20% more material.

5. Factoring in Humidity And Board Spacing

Make use of a moisture probe meter that has been calibrated for testing the boards� moisture content. This should be done prior to installing them. This practice enables you to calculate the spacing required between the boards based on humidity levels in Fort Collins CO. To safeguard against cupping and to keep boards stable dimensionally, leave at least 10cm between the ground and joists for ventilation purposes.

6. Fastening the Boards

When it comes to the fastening of the board to the joists, ensure that you�re employing a fastener at every bearing point location and where the board comes in contact with the support. For end-to-end board installation, fasten the board to the joist at each board�s end.

A professional and experienced team will be well acquainted with these tips and can provide you with exceptional results if you choose so. However, if you�re still adamant about going with the DIY plan; do make sure you implement these tips in your deck installation.

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These tips will improve the overall quality of your deck installation project and result in a reliabl

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16 May 2018

By williamdavid