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Undeniably one of the best performing LED Spotlights on the market for the money, a pair of Adventure Kings Illuminator LED Spotlights is at home on any 4WD, truck or off-road vehicle. Built with 64 high efficiency LEDs and precision focused projection housings to tailor the spread from spot to flood, our 9” spotties throw out 18,000+ Lumens hundreds of metres ahead, leaving no surprises to what is coming down the track! Both the 9” and 7” Illuminator LED spotties are housed in an IP68 waterproof sealed, heavy duty, cast aluminium alloy housing with massive integrated cooling fins to maintain maximum circuit performance. With mounting being a breeze, the included 3 holed mounting bracket that has plenty of support for even the most corrugated roads meaning your lights won’t vibrate and bounce or buck like a bronco even on the toughest tracks. With more light output than ever before and an easy DIY wiring harness that will plug and play with most vehicles there is no reason not to fit a set to your vehicle right now! Independently tested by ‘Unsealed 4x4 Magazine’ in Issue #9 the Kings Illuminator 9” LED Spotties came second in class only to 1 other pair that was over $900 more expensive, and beat over a dozen others that were more expensive. Since this test was conducted the Adventure Kings Illuminator 9” Spotties have dropped dramatically in price and have continued to undergo thorough research and development to keep improving the bang for buck you get with a set of Adventure Kings LED Spotties. Don’t be fooled, you cannot get better value for money anywhere else, and when you need them most the Adventure Kings Spotties won’t let you down for price or performance!


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  • When going out 4WDing it’s easy to try and pack everything including the kitchen sink but it does pay to have all the right gear when you head out camping.
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May 2018

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